January 24, 2011

If you looking for me, you can find me...

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February 07, 2010

Beijing bound Feb 11 - 22, 2010

Header to Beijing to
1. catch up with expat archeologist and marketing professional: Jaggermouth.
2. Go sledding at the Bird's Nest stadium.
3. Peep the great wall.
4. Eat some street food.
5. etc

February 05, 2010

Atul Gawande caught in the crossfire

I tried to order Atul Gawande's new book after reading the review in the Sunday Times book review a couple weeks ago. I logged onto Amazon to spend the second half of a giftcard I had hanging around and lo and behold... Macmillan is Gawande's publisher!

You might have heard of Macmillan as the publisher butting heads with Amazon right now over the pricing of their digital editions. Amazon went and pulled all of Macmillan's books off Amazon only to back down a few days later.

Despite capitulating to Macmillan's demands The Checklist Manifesto still isn't available on Amazon. It looks like I'll be reading Seth Godin's new joint on the plane next week.

January 25, 2010

Animated GIF

Its surprisingly hard to make an animated gif from a youtube video... here is the easiest way I could figure with a few minutes of goolging:

1. Download video from youtube with AVC.

2. Convert it to an AVI file.

3. Download Windows Movie Maker (v2.7). This was not standard with Windows 7 for some reason.

4. Find the 3 to 5 seconds you want for the animated gif and save that as a video file.

5. Use gifninja to convert the video into an animated gif.

6. Hilarity.

7. OK -- maybe thats a little choppy. Lets try Super.

8. Mission accomplished.

1. You are running Windows 7.
2. You don't have QuickTime Pro.

January 15, 2010

Making Health Care Better

David Leonhardt wrote a piece in the NY Times Sunday Magaine last November called "Making Health Care Better". Pretty much every health care blog out there linked to it and chimed in with their 2 cents. Along with Atul Gawande's New Yorker article "The Cost Conundrum" and David Goldhill's The Atlantic article "How American Health Care Killed My Father" it was maybe the most widely read piece of writing on American Health Care published last year. I even saw a guy with a printed out copy sitting on his briefcase on a US Airways shuttle flight to DC nearly a month after it was published.

In Leonhardt's article he talks about Jerome Groopman, and his book How Doctor's Think. Groopman worries that Bayesian decision making can lock Doctor's into narrow thinking that is not appropriate for dealing with situations of "uncertainty, instability, uniqueness, and value conflict". Groopman declined to be interviewed for the article - which is really interesting to me. He is a staff writer for the New Yorker, and a published author; he is already a part of the public discussion about clinical decision making.

There is a nuance to evidence-based medicine that doesn't seem to have made it into Groopman's book or Leonhardt's article. This is the distinction between Intuitive Medicine and Precision Medicine as described in Clayton Christensen's The Innovators Prescription. I believe the idea of moving diseases from the intuitive spectrum to the precision spectrum and what it means to facilitate that movement is going to be central to the discussion of health care costs and health care reform through 2010 and beyond.

July 29, 2009

JQuery Polaroid Viewer

When I first saw that promo page for Cloverfield where you could shuffle around around some photos and flip them over to read notes on the back I wanted to do something similar. However my web programming skills are just not up to that level.

But it finally fell into my lap when I read through a demo of how to do (functionally) the same thing using Javascript and the JQuery framework. I haven't written a line of Javascript since college, but I just copied this up to my website and was ready to roll. I can't believe how few lines of code this application actually uses. I realize its because of the framework, but the javascript e-commerce site I wrote in college was absurd in its length.


Ideas to expand on this:
1. Integrate with photobucket developers API, so it pulls all the photos from a certain photo album.
2. Add functionality to flip the photos over with a doubleclick like on that Cloverfield site.

June 17, 2009


Bidhardcore isn't completely dead yet -- too soon for a proper eulogy. There is going to be a redesign and a relaunch of sorts. Of course it all depends on CC being able to find the time to contribute content so I've made some efforts to try to simplify that process.

EXHIBIT ONE: bidhardcore.appspot.com
The goal of this web app was to make it easier for CC to build his affiliate links. This app has a text box to submit a ebay url and does the following with it...
1. checks to make sure its actually an ebay url
2. Double encodes the url.
3. Puts the encoded url together with the affiliate details and print the complete affiliate link to the screen.

Very impressed with google appengine. I included the google login functionality on this app just because.

Next steps for this app:
1. Add some radio buttons to select specific affiliate link details. (specific campaign, et al)
2. Add a miniature version of the app to bidhardcore.com so people can actually submit their own links. (major want)
3. Add some real functionality around the google login. (probably not)
4. Add photobucket integration so CC can build a link and upload a pic at the same time. (this photobucket api key is burning a hole in my pocket)